FT04 Extinguisher ID powder

3.954.95 Excl. btw


  • Luminous pictograms have a light intensity of 100 mcd
  • Fire safety signs ISO 7010
  • Size: 80 x 200 mm
  • Thickness: 0.5 cm
  • Packed per piece


The manual powder extinguisher FT05 ID states for which substances the extinguisher can be used. This instruction increases the safety and usability of the fire extinguisher.

The photoluminescent / luminous pictograms light up in the dark and are ideal for increasing safety even further, for example to mark escape routes when the light goes out. You can easily apply the pictograms in a warehouse or storage hall, but they can also be used excellently in offices, parking garages, schools, workshops or hospitals.

We supply the signs in 80 x 200 mm as standard, all other sizes or materials are available on request.
Click here for more information about the luminous pictograms or for the other luminous products we supply.


  • Performance: Standard or glow in the dark
  • Comply with ISO 7010 – Fire safety signs
  • Packing unit per piece
  • Material: PP plastic, bond or magnet
  • Customization : on request



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