Energy-efficient escape route indication is tax deductible

Especially when it comes to safety, you need to know where you stand. In the event of an emergency evacuation of a company or institution, clear escape route signage is required number 1. This refers employees and visitors to the safe way out and assembly point. The signaling is a requirement of insurers and is part of the company emergency response and the evacuation plan.

In the Netherlands, escape route signage in buildings is fairly self-evident. Sometimes less noticeable – but present. Users of the buildings are often not even aware of this. Nevertheless, the presence of the escape route marking in itself is not enough.

Perfect functioning of escape route lighting is essential. It must be guaranteed to function permanently. The owner or manager of the building must know whether it will also suffice under extreme conditions. Think of high temperatures in the event of fire, water damage, or if an emergency power supply is not a fallback option.

Betalux escape route signage meets these highest requirements. The product is absolutely reliable in use and offers a low-maintenance operating warranty for 15 years. In addition, the product works without electricity, rechargeable batteries or batteries.

Betalux has been used in aircraft for more than 50 years. The lighting works independently of emergency power and ambient light. The product can even be used in damp rooms or close to sprinkler systems.

Because Betalux is also extremely energy-efficient, this lighting is favorable for operating costs. Purchase of Betalux is eligible in 2018 energy investment allowance (EIA) up to 13.5% of purchase and assembly expenses. This tax-deductible profit is in addition to your usual depreciation.

The end user must submit an application to the eLoket, which is the electronic counter of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

The code for new construction is 410000 and for existing construction is 310000.

If you have any questions about the EIA scheme, please contact the helpdesk of the Rijksdienst van Ondernemend Nederland. Telephone number: 088 042 42 42

Energy-efficient escape route indication is tax deductible