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✓ Betalight documentation (Dutch)

In this documentation you can find information about the Betalux escape route signage and other related products.

✓ Betalight extensive documentation (English)

In this documentation you can find information about the other products we produce such as compasses, military flashlights and many other products.

✓ Glow in the dark Signage, documentation (Dutch)

Information about the photoluminescent (glow in the dark) products such as, (anti-slip) tape, floor arrows and pictograms.

✓ PL Guidance Solutions, documentation (English)

Information about the photoluminescent products such as, different pictograms for different purposes, tape, floor markings and floor plans.

✓ TNO report

We have a TNO report available for interested parties in which our designations have been tested for compliance with NEN 6088 and NEN 1838. You can get it through the Contact Form to request.

✓ Emergency lighting schedule

Emergency lighting can be divided into 3 luminaires. We have compiled an overview for you.

✓ Energy investment allowance

The end user can claim a 13.5% energy investment allowance on the amount invoiced.
Click here to apply for the energy investment allowance.

✓ Pictograms escape route NEN-EN ISO 7010

Changes in graphic symbol standards, what does this mean for you? The implementation of NEN-EN-ISO 7010 “Graphic symbols – Safety colors and signs – Registered safety signs” has major consequences for the escape route indications. Were you used to the down arrow indicating the direction of flight straight ahead, now the arrows point up. Why is this? Click on the link above for more information on this topic.

✓ Explanation about installing the Betalux escape route signage (in English)

Here you will find an explanation of the very simple installation of the Betalux escape route sign. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can always contact us.

✓ Icon list

If the pictogram you need is not on the list, we can produce it especially for you.

✓ Nato stock numbers

Extensive list of NATO stock numbers, for which we can supply parts or perform maintenance / repair.

References Emergency lighting without electricity