The first fire extinguisher 10 years maintenance free

In a company, public place or just at home, one must be able to extinguish a fire quickly. A fire starts very quickly and one must therefore be able to react simply and adequately. This is possible with these fire extinguishers! The fire extinguishers are very lightweight and have a great extinguishing capacity so that people can quickly and immediately start extinguishing a fire. In addition, the Aramid fire extinguisher is maintenance-free for 10 years, has a 10-year warranty and meets all legal requirements. You can carry out an annual check yourself by following a free e-learning module.

Aramid extinguishers

  • Aramid extinguishers Powder – 2, 6 & 9 liters,
    Outdoor (A, B) Lifespan 20 years, 10 years maintenance-free
  • Aramid extinguishers Foam – 6 & 9 kilos,
    Indoor (A, B, C) Lifespan 20 years, 10 years maintenance-free

Spray extinguishers

  • Spray extinguisher – Universal (A, B, F) Lifespan 3 years
  • Spray extinguisher – Pro-Line Outdoor (A, B) Lifespan 5 years
  • Spray extinguisher – Pro-Line Indoor (A, B, F) Lifespan 5 years

The benefits of the Spray extinguisher

  • Inspect yourself within seconds
  • The highest filling level
  • Longest extinguishing time
  • Largest capacity
  • Glow in the Dark marker
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Spray Fire extinguishers without maintenance_5

The advantages of the Aramid extinguisher

  • Inspect yourself within seconds
  • 2 Pressure gauges
  • Lightweight,
  • Dent / scratch resistant due to kevlar housing
  • ± 20% lighter in weight
  • 60% more environmentally friendly than metal extinguishers

Fire extinguisher, 10 year warranty, easy inspection, maintenance free, light weight

Fire class A:
Fuel: Solid, non-melting materials.
Feature: Glow and flames.
Examples: Wood, paper, textile, non-melting plastics.

Fire class B:
Fuel: Liquids and melting solids.
Characteristic: Flames.
Examples: Solvents, gasoline, oil, wax, grease and plastics.

Fire class C:
Fuel: Gases.
Characteristic: Flames.
Examples: butane, propane, natural gas and LPG.

Fire class F:
Fuel: Oil and (frying) fats.
Characteristic: Flames.
Examples: Frying pans and engine oil.

Aramid fire extinguisher

The outer casing of the Aramid fire extinguisher is made of red plastic HDPE (High Density Polyethylene – is made from petroleum), underneath is the HPDE made pressure container with Kevlar. Due to the composition of the outer jacket, no additional coating layer is required on the inside, as with metal fire extinguishers. The Aramid extinguishers are equipped with double pressure gauges. The valve is made of chrome-plated brass. The carrying handle and squeeze lever are made of stainless steel. Due to the materials used, replacements are no longer necessary because rust, deep scratches and dents are not possible after enough. If originally sealed, we guarantee 10 years of operation. This prevents premature replacement. The fire extinguisher can be 100% recycled after its lifespan of 10 years.

AB extinguishing foam

AB extinguishing foam is suitable for fire fighting of fire class A (carbonaceous) and fire class B (flammable liquids). The extinguishing foam can be used in the presence of electricity up to a maximum of 1,000 volts at a distance of at least 1 meter.

ABC powder

ABC powder is suitable for the fire-fighting of three fire classes, A (carbonaceous), fire class B (flammable liquids) and fire class C (flammable gases). The extinguishing powder is non-conductive and can be used in the presence of electricity up to 1000 Volt at a distance of at least 1 meter.

Advantages of the Aramid fire extinguisher

  • ± 20% lighter in weight than metal fire extinguishers
  • 100% recyclable
  • Quality assured for a long life
  • Maintenance-free for 10 years
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Approved and certified according to EN3
  • CE mark in accordance with the PED
  • Only requires simple inspection
  • Pressure gauges can be checked yourself with the supplied magnet
  • Reliable super strength composite material
  • Durable and corrosion free
  • 100% UV protection
  • Applications sea, inland shipping and offshore market
  • Outdoors and damp areas

Fire extinguisher without maintenance

Foam extinguisher without maintenance

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Spray fire extinguisher

The first glow in the dark spray fire extinguisher on the market. This aerosol is the perfect fire extinguisher for the most common fires in your home, car, garage, shed, caravan, camper, boat, not to mention the kitchen. This universal spray fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing solids and flammable liquids and even burning 5 liters of (deep-frying) fat / oil. You can smother the fire by simply pressing a button. In addition to the simple operation, this fire extinguisher is very lightweight, easy to operate with one hand and very compact.

The operation of the fire extinguisher is the same as with an aerosol, so everyone can easily use the extinguisher, regardless of age.

By removing the cap, the extinguisher is immediately ready for use. This prevents rapid expansion of the fire.

The spray fire extinguishers have been tested according to the new European Standard (NEN) EN 3-7. and 2 liters of bioethanol gel.

Spray fire extinguisher

The advantages of the spray fire extinguisher

  • Best before date more than 3 years
  • Not harmful to humans and animals
  • Maintenance free, environmentally friendly, recyclable
  • Smother the fire in just seconds
  • Simple, compact, handy
  • Foam AFFF
  • Spray time maximum 35 sec. (almost equal to 6 liter foam extinguisher)
  • Extinguish 5 liters of frying fat
  • Extinguish 2 liters of Bio-ethanol gel
  • Causes no or minimal environmental damage
  • 99.5% biodegradable
  • Easy to clean
  • Has the Rijkstype approval
  • Working temperature from -15 ° C to 60 ° C
  • Safe to use with electrical appliances up to 1000 volts
  • With interval extinguishing options and can extinguish at an oblique angle

There are three types of spray extinguishers;

  1. Spray extinguisher – Universal (A, B, F) Lifespan 3 years

The universal spray extinguisher is for private individuals. This is ideal for the caravan, car, house, garage, boat, etc.

2. Spray extinguisher – Pro-Line Outdoor (A, B) Lifespan 5 years

3. Spray extinguisher – Pro-Line Indoor (A, B, F) Lifespan 5 years

The Pro-Line spray extinguishers are for the business market. This fire extinguisher is provided with an inspection label. So that you can immediately see by whom and when the fire extinguisher has been inspected.

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In the diagram below you can see which type of fire extinguisher is suitable for which situation

Fire extinguisher certification

* 5A: For solids fires (fire class A) a fire test has been developed in the form of a rectangular stack of wood. The stack of wood is stacked in a regular pattern evenly spaced so that there is an open space between the beams. The stack will be stacked on top of each other for a maximum of 7 layers of blocks of wood. The height and width of the wood pile are standard measurements: height is 0.5 M. and width is 0.56 M. The length of the pile ultimately determines the extinguishing rating.
After the stack has burned for approximately 8 minutes so that every bar burns properly, only then does the extinguishing start.
(5A: length of the wood pile is 0.5 M)

** 21B: For the liquid to burn (fire class B), a fire test has been developed in the form of a round container that is filled 2/3 with heptane and 1/3 with water. The diameter of the container varies depending on the content.
When the heptane is ignited, the extinguishing should only be started after 1 minute.

*** C: For gases fire

*** 5F: a fire test has been developed in the form of a deep fryer. The frying fat is heated to above 350˚C so that the fat has reached its ignition temperature. When this has been burning for a few minutes, the extinguishing will start (5F equals 5 liters of frying fat)

The difference between powder and foam

A powder extinguisher has a great extinguishing capacity and is suitable for many types of starting fires, solids (A), liquids (B) and gas fires (C). An important disadvantage of a powder extinguisher is the major collateral damage to electronic equipment, the powder from a powder extinguisher consists of a special extinguishing salt. This extinguishing salt is catastrophic for electronics. Another disadvantage is that with a small fire, the powder will spread over the entire room, which means a lot of cleaning work.

We always recommend foam for indoor use and powder for outdoor use due to frost resistance and collateral damage.

Fire extinguishers without maintenance