Extra coarse Safety-Grip anti-slip tape is unique. It is the world’s most durable and coarsest non-slip tape.

X-Coarse uses a rare and very large type of aluminum oxide grain. The grit is so heavy that it requires a special foil to ensure the tape’s durability. The extra tough film is coated with a high performance adhesive (HG), the adhesive is designed to bond to difficult or poor substrates such as a low energy powder coating which is notoriously problematic for regular adhesives.


We produce X-Coarse Anti-Slip Tape in any width from 19mm to 1168mm, widths between 10mm and 18mm are available on special order. Extra coarse Safety-Grip tape is available in rolls of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm off the shelf, with a selection of die cuts. Any size can be produced according to the quantity; our die cutting is accurate to 0.1mm. All rolls are supplied in a length of 18.3 metres.


X-Coarse Safety-Grip is designed for tough, industrial applications. The deep grain can withstand harsh conditions and intensive use. X-Coarse anti-slip tape does not quickly fill with ice, for example; the extremely deep grooves help to drain fluids.

Custom extra coarse anti-slip tape

In addition to our ready-made products, depending on the order quantity, we can produce standard Safety-Grip in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors (matching Pantone or RAL colours).

Extra coarse anti-slip tape

  • Ideally suited for harsh conditions and intensive use
  • Suitable for areas exposed to extreme weather such as snow and ice
  • Available in widths from 19 mm to 1168 mm

For more information about Standard Safety-Grip Tape, or to place an order, please contact us by phone, live chat or Contact Form fill out to submit an application.

Available in the following colours:

Safety-grip-anti-slip-anti-slip-tape-heskins-lighting-Solutions-escape route signs-black


Average LRV 0

Safety-grip-anti-slip-anti-slip-tape-heskins-lighting-Solutions-escape route signs-green



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