Non-Slip Fire Exit Markers are designed and manufactured to provide a faster, more efficient way to create a clear zone and prominent signage for your emergency exits.

The placement that literally takes minutes and can be used immediately is a major advantage over painted markers, We supply them complete with an industry standard non-slip surface.

All these factors make emergency exit floor markings a much faster and cost effective solution for applying the non-slip emergency exit markings to your doors, and they are available in 1 x 1 meter and 1 x 1.5 meter sizes.

The emergency exit markings are pre-printed with ‘FIRE EXIT’ and ‘KEEP CLEAR’, complete with yellow/black chevrons, coated with aluminum oxide grain and a permanent, strong adhesive self-adhesive coating.
Depending on the quantity, we can make custom printing or sizes of fire exit floor markings to meet your needs.


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