Anti-Slip / Safety-Grip Tape

A coarse texture applied to a self-adhesive cinematic tape. Safety-Grip is mainly manufactured for industrial environments but can be used for many other applications. from 1997, the wear-resistant and effective safety grip has been our most popular product in our range. Over the years, continuous improvements have been made and further developed in various areas such as; surface variants, more colours, different adhesives, special prints and customization and in combination with reflective tape.

We produce Safety-Grip in 3 main classes;

  • Standard – used for most situations, the abrasive coatings provide excellent grip and friction.
  • Coarse – a deeper material, it is an industrial grade grip tape, which may not be suitable for more conventional applications.
  • Extra coarse – a unique product, nothing else in the world comes close, only suitable for industrial situations, the deep grain prevents clogging by dirt or dust. Due to the thickness, we use a higher quality (HG) glue to prevent peeling, and a thicker plastic backing is used to increase durability.

H3401N-Black-Standard-Safety-Grip-on-Stairs-heskins-escape route signs

Standard Safety Grip

H3402-Coarse-Safety-Grip-on-Forklift-Heskins-Escape Directions-

Coarse Safety Grip

H3402NUC-Extra-Coarse-Safety-Grip-Black-on-Step-Heskins-Escape directions

Extra Coarse Safety Grip


Marine Anti-slip tape

H3404N-Black-Thick-Safety-Grip-50mm-Roll-heskins-Anti-slip escape route signs

Thick Anti-Slip Tape

h4342-mild-abrasive-safety-grip-Heskins-escape route signs-

Fine Structure Anti-Slip

H3433D-Chemical-Resistant-Safety-Grip-Black-Yellow-100mm-Roll-Heskins-Escapeway Signs

Chemical Resistant Anti-Slip Tape


Anti-Slip Marking

H3409-Bolt-Down-Anti-Slip-Plates-on-Deck-heskins-escape route

Anti-Slip Plates

H3406D-Black-Yellow-Hazard-Conformable-Safety-Grip-on-Stairs-heskins-escape route signs

Conformable Anti-Slip Tape

H3417-Attention-Danger-Printed-Anti-Slip-Tape-Being-Applied-heskins-escape route signs

Printed Anti-Slip Tape

H3416-Anti-Slip-Walkway-in-Warehouse-Standing-heskins-indicating escape route

Anti-Slip Walkway

H3403X-Glow-in-the-Dark-Standard-Safety-Grip-50mm-N-Roll-heskins-indicating escape route

Removable Anti-Slip Tape

Skateboard-Grip-Tape-with-Board-Heskins-Escape Directions

Skateboard Anti-Slip Tape

BMX-Start-Ramp-Kit-2-HESKINS-Escape Directions

BMX Start Ramp Kits

H3403X-Glow-in-the-Dark-Standard-Safety-Grip-50mm-N-Roll-heskins-indicating escape route

Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape

H3416-Anti-Slip-Walkway-in-Warehouse-Standing-heskins-indicating escape route

Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Safety Tape

 H3403N-Glow-Line-Safety-Grip-N-50mm-Roll-heskins-escape route signs

Glow Line, Anti-Slip


Glow in the Dark, Reflective, Anti-Slip


Danger combination tape

3412XUA-black-photoluminescent-anti-slip- Heskins - Escape route signs

Glow in the Dark – Anti-Slip Tile


Yellow Reflective Anti-Slip Tile

3405W-White-Aqua-Safe-140mm-140mm-Tile-Being-Laid-heskins-escapeway signs

Aqua Safe


Handrail Grip Tape


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