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Protective face shield (Min. Purchase 50 pcs.)

9.50 Excl. btw

Out of stock

  • This face shield is designed to complement personal protective equipment
  • Adjustable, size 800 x 30 mm
  • 25 x 25 x 25 mm foam, centered to avoid a fogged screen
  • The mask is 0.3 mm thick
  • Prices are ex VAT
  • Delivery time 5/8 working days
  • Note: Minimum order 50 pieces!

Out of stock


This product is not a homologated personal protective equipment. This face shield is designed to complement the personal protective equipment for the professionals of various sectors who are confronted with COVID-19 and are exposed to a non-secure environment in their daily life. Although this product is not certified (the design and production is done to meet an urgent need) and it should not be considered part of the professional PPE, this face shield acts as a barrier against the particles that are projected while talking or coughing. It also reduces the risk of touching the eyes and mouth after contact with a potentially contaminated surface. This face shield can be cleaned with disinfectant liquid without losing transparency.

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